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Tabs view question, please help


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I use AutoCAD Lt 2007, and 2009 at work and I clicked or typed something and I do not see the tabs on the bottom any more, where all the pages are. I have a big drawing with about 15 different sheets and I cannot see the tabs like I used to. I had never had that happen before and I have been using autocad for years... it is kind of embarrassing really. Can someone help? No matter what I do I cannot get the tabs view back on. It probably is a really simple thing, but I have no clue.

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Type Options > Display Tab. Look under "Layout Elements" and make sure "Display Layout and Model Tabs" is checked. Also, on the bottom Status Bar in the interface, right-click the icons next to "MODEL" or "PAPER" to access the shortcut for toggling these items on/off.


*EDIT* Don't worry about being embarrassed. We all have those moments, even the most experienced users. I know I've had to humbly ask plenty of times only to figure out it was a simple right-click or variable away. Sometimes you don't even know what to type in the Help file to even research it yourself, haha. We here never criticize for things like this, just FYI. Welcome to the board.



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Welcome to the forum. :)

In addition to StykFacE's previous good suggestions, while you are selecting in your APPLICATION STATUS BAR MENU (as shown circled in the image ) add QUICK VIEW LAYOUTS and if you like QUICK VIEW DRAWINGS, to enable you to see images along the bottom of your screen to facilitate quickly choosing from multiple layouts and open drawings.

status bar display.JPG

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