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Saving part "as copy" that uses an Excel spreadsheet (Inventor)

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I created a spreadsheet of about 40 rows to be used to create different parts. I then created a part "we'll call it Board_A". I linked to the spreadsheet and used 3 of the fields for my dimensions. Lets say I named the length (which was the extrusion number) as "Len_1". I saved it and all is well!! I then created other parts and used the spreadsheet for the dims. I then went back and opened "Board_A" and saved a copy as "Board_B". I closed Board_A and opened Board_B. I then rt clicked on "Extrusion" so I could change the length from "Len_1" to "Len_1_A" which is another row (field) on that same spreadsheet which is still linked. When I tried I received a message that said I couldn't do that (I forgot the actual message!) I clicked the Parameter icon and the only fields showing on the popup spreadsheet box were the ones I had previously used for those parts that I made from scratch. I thought I figured this out once but if I did I forgot. I deleted the spreadsheet link and then re-added it but nothing I have tried has worked. Is there a way to get these fields to be usable with a Copy of an existing part or do I just have to start from scratch and make the similar part? I hope this makes sense!!



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OK....I got it!

First I opened the "copy" of the original part that I had already made (I'll call it My_Copy.IPT)

Second I clicked on the Extrusion1/Show Dimensions

Third I replaced the old dims that had the original part's variable names (from the spreadsheet) with the actual numeric value that was showing

Fourth I deleted the Origin/*.XLS spreadsheet

Fifth I selected "Parameter" from the Part Feature panel

Sixth I saved and closed My_Copy.IPT

Seventh I opened My_Copy.IPT

Eighth I selected Parameter from the Part Feature panel, linked to the spreadsheet again, said Yes to Accept and renamed the dims


Hope this helps someone else


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