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AutoCAD to Photoshop via LISP.

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I would like a program that does the following:


1. Export CAD floor plan to Photoshop. It should always be of a certain canvas size.

2. Export text and dimensions as editable text layers into Photoshop. The text and dimensions should be at the same location in the PSD file as they were in the AutoCAD file. So what I mean is, the text that says Bedroom should be within the 4 walls of that bedroom.

3. Allow conversion of those dimensions (say from mm into inches) and also allow me to specify the rounding amount and number of decimal places before exporting to Photoshop.


If there is a script like this available, please point me to it. Or if anyone can write this for me at a reasonable price, please send me a message with your rate.


Thank you.

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(1) & (2) Not sure this is possible with a script/lisp. But why don't you simply plot to a PDF and then import that in PhotoShop? Actually I'd advise against using PS for such drawings, you should rather use Illustrator / CorelDraw / AutoDesk Impressions ... all those can directly open a DWG/DXF file and have the capability of keeping everything (including text & linework) editable.


(3) This can simply be done by changing the dimension settings before you "export". And/or scale the entire drawing to suit the new measurement. You WILL NOT have any such capability in PhotoShop ... it's not meant for such things ... it's meant for editing "PHOTOS" (or photo-like images) - thus the name of the program. It's not meant to draw lines / text / dimensions / scaling ... that's why Adobe made Illustrator / InDesign.


(Depending on your scenario) I'd actually advise you to try out AutoDesk's Impression ... if you have an ACad subscription license then Impression is free on that license, else you'll need to buy it after the trial expires. Though I'm only suggesting for my line of work (Architectural presentations), don't know why you're using PS - perhaps you've got a reason to stick with it. I still use PS for some stuff, but usually as a tool to make images for inclusion in my Impression files (stuff like trees / cars / etc. cropped from photos).


You can see some samples of what I use PS (or rather Gimp) for here: http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?53155-Creating-Illustrator-Blocks-from-Images

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