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P&ID Question

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vertical horizons

I did not see a category for P&IDs, so I posted my question here.


I have not had to create any P&ID drawings for about 10 years.


My company wants me to look into several P&ID programs.

Since the only one I have ever used is CADWorx, I figured I would look into their software. I received a 15-day trial from them (starting yesterday). Everything has totally changed. For example, I do not see the P&ID pull-down in the menu bar, at the top of the screen. (I figured it would change, but man, it has REALLY changed).



I want to know how to:

  • start a new drawing, bringing in an "IMPERIAL" template;
  • make the P&ID pull-down menu appear at the top of the screen;
  • open the Equipment, Lines, Instruments, Valves, Arrows and Text & Settings toolbars.

I figure if I can get that far, hopefully I can figure out the rest.

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vertical horizons

I forgot to mention that the version of the trial that they sent me is CADWorx P&ID 2012.



Disregard my postings about P&IDs.

I figured it out. Apparently, when I installed the trail version, it placed TWO icons onto my desktop. I only noticed one of them.

As soon as I realized this, and opened the correct one, it all started coming back to me.


But, this brings up another question...

Is there a category on this forum for P&ID questions & answers?

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