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Triangular segmented mesh mountains...


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Hey guys,


Im doing a little graphic work (moonlighting) and was looking to create a jagged mountain-scape with triangular facets/faces (similiar to this image)...




I was just wondering if you guys can please advise me the best method to creating such a mesh/surface/object.


Most of my 3D modelling experience is limited to using 3DSOLIDs... and I cant really think of a good way to create this shape.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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hey guys,


sorry for the confusion with the image attachment. i misunderstood how the attachment process worked on this forum (confused by different ways attachments are implemented on different forums).


Should be fixed now.




ps: thanks nestly.

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The TIN faces Triangular irregular network are what you see in the image basicly ignoring surface for a moment are 3 point triangles but join egdes and have a common pt with multiple trinagles joining.


You could write a random 3dface generator but a lot of work. The image has been created by taking 3D point creating a surface and then cutting and blending another surface. This is day to day stuff for CIV3D.


Answer to your question may be that someone out there has a surface to suit your needs maybe describe a bit more what you want, I know I did have a exgerate the z to make 3d more pronounced.

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thanks for the reply. The use is simply to create a mountain-scape for a poster i am making.


I think i might have found a way to do it, but it seems like the long way around...


1. Create a suitable 2d MESH using the EDGESURF command.

2. Adjust mesh to suit requirements (move edges/vertexes as required).

3. Explode MESH into multiple 3D FACES.

4. 3DSOUT (smoothing OFF) and 3DSIN FACES to get POLYFACE MESH.

5. Explode POLYFACE MESH into multiple 3D FACES (consisting of only 2 edges).

6. 3DSOUT (smoothing OFF) and 3DSIN FACES to get POLYFACE MESH made of triangular segments.


Pretty long winded process.



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Changing the z value of 3dfaces is pretty easy with a lisp program I will see if I still have the one I did years ago. You just need a seed plan from someone, we do land surveys all the time exagerated would look like mountains. Maybe some one out there has a large area with up and down hills. Not sure if you can get something like this from google earth.

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Awesome, thanks for all the help guys. I think I've managed to create a suitable shape for now, but I will certainly take note for any future reference.


thanks again.

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