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Automatic box trimming


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Hello Everyone,

I'm quite new with autocad, and I'm trying to automate more of my work so I can finish it quicker. Any different suggestions would also be appreciated!


Please see attached picture!

I am currently recieving site dimensions for framing, my job is to reproduce (using isometric views) these framing dimensions in Autocad (framing is color coded white) and add metal panels (color coded blue), ultimately creating the panel dimensions to be sent to the panel manufacturer.


Once I reproduce the framing dimensions I use a method of several offsets and construction lines to create my panels.


My problem: each metal panel needs either 5/8" or 1/2" spacing. I am consuming a lot of time using the trim command and individually clicking out all the little squares. see picture. I like using QDIM quick dimensions to easily seperate spacing and panel dimensions, so trimming out the panels (as far as I know) is a must.


Suggested solution: Is there a way I can tell autocad to cut out all 1/2"x1/2" or 5/8"x5/8" squares?


As always, if you have different suggestions I am open to them.

Thanks in advance for any replies!


EDIT: I am using autocad 2011 LT, so I can't run script things.. :(


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You're looking at the reflected soffit in that picture, so at max there's typically only 20 panels, an array could be a solution then. But panels also go on the exterior of the building. In that case, there could be as few as 4 panels. An array would only take much more time.

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In further reply to the array suggestion, here is a typical drivethru of a fast food restaurant. blue and green panels are shown here


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I was going to suggest the judicious use of a wipeout as one possible kludge solution.


How about a dynamic block of a panel?

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You can at least use the Fence option when trimming, saves you from picking every single line. Start trim, hit enter to select all, type F, enter, pick in between the line, move cursor to cross a bunch of line and pick again, repeat.

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Hopefully OP will get this...Im in the same line of work as you and had the same issues for years with tedious repetitive trimming. I wrote this macro that will fence trim a cross shape 1" in each direction. Just click somewhere near the center of the square and it will trim the lines automatically. A huge timesaver...:D



*^C^C_TRIM ;_f \@0,1;@0,-2;@0,1;@1,0;@-2,0 ;

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