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Revit to DWG


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Hey there.


I have a question regarding Revit Architecture 2012. (I'm a noob using it).


I'm working on a job that requires me to model buildings in Revit, but then export them back into a standard DWG.


The problem is, I need these newly converted files to be editable as if they were drawn in AutoCAD Architecture 2010 (ADT).

I've had a go, but it only converts to lines and blocks, which aren't much use to me in ADT


Anyone that has read a previous thread by me will know that the client I have is very awkward, and want to do things the hard way!


Thank you for your help!

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What is your reason for using Revit if the client wants an AutoCAD file?

Does the client want a 3D model or a 2D drawing?

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Revit does not convert walls etc. to AEC objects in AutoCAD.
Out of all the 2012 Revit products, Revit Structure can allow you to select the option to export solids as AEC Objects. Only thing is, any time I have done it there have been mixed results... it seems to only convert to a "Mass Element" and not an "AEC Wall", etc. I don't know about any of the Revit 2013 products other than Structure that does this.



And on top of this, if you export to IFC, then import that IFC file into AutoCAD Architecture I think you will get the results you are wanting.

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