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Selecting second items causes first to deselect

Guest lennixx24

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Guest lennixx24

I went on vacation and came back and found that some settings have been changed on my computer, caused by the guy who used my computer and he said, "The program was just wigging out." BS!




I am currently running into the problem where i will select 1 item by simply clicking on it, and when i go to select a second item, the first is then deselected. I can click and drag and select multiple items that way, but that doesn't help me when the items and on different sides of the drawing and there are other lines and what not in between them.


I am also aware that i can hold shift and select the second item, and all is fine, but that is not my desired operation. I have been working with Autocad for almost a year under the notion that i can just select multiple items by clicking on them all individually and would love to have this operation reinstated, primarily for ease and convenience, which increases productivity.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Let's kill two birds with two stones. Make sure the system variables PICKFIRST and PICKADD are both set to "1". Maybe the guy who used your computer screwed up more than one variable.

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Type PICKFIRST at the command line then press ENTER. Change the setting. Repeat for PICKADD. Done.


You might benefit from reading up on system variables as they can be quite handy.

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Welcome to the forum. :)

Using 2002, don't know if this suggestion will apply to your software, but it might, so


It is a good idea to enter SYSVDLG at the commandline and hit ENTER

that will take users on newer versions at least, to you SYSTEM VARIABLES DIALOG

where you can access any and all of the current system variable settings, as well as study other available optional settings.


As shown in the image, if you click the SAVE ALL button, your current system variable settings will be saved as an

.SVF (system variable file). Should you need to restore your settings to these values, after a coworker has rocked

your boat while you were laying on a beach somewhere tropical, or on coffee break, or if a poorly writtenlisp has lead you down

the garbage path to oblivion, just return to this SYSVDLG page and select READ at the bottom of the dialog box to access your

.svf and restore YOUR settings, in case there might be multiple users on your work station, be sure to give it an appropriate name

in case somebody else wants to save a different set, so yours don't get overwritten. :beer:


I think that most folks already understand that they should also set up a personal PROFILE in OPTIONS to make their lives easier. :)

save your .svf to be safe.JPG

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