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Updating block references.

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Ok so here's the situation...


I have approx 150 files all with multiple layouts, each layout containing a legend block that needs updating. I edited the existing block and used WBLOCK to save it out ready for use in the other drawings.


When I try to insert it into another drawing it gives me 2 options:

1. 'Redefine block - All block references will be updated'.

2. 'Don't redefine block'.


When I try option 1 I cannot insert the block, I get this response and nothing gets updated:

Block Notes_Block references itself

Regenerating layout.

Regenerating model.



When I try option 2 it allows me to insert the block but it is this one that gets updated from the existing block in the drawing.


I have even tried opening the block.dwg copy / pasting it but I get the same result...


I really need some help with this because I need to get all these drawings updated today and doing each one manually will just take way too long.


What am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance.

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I think the problem lies in the new block. As the message says, it references itself. I think you may have started with a file and inserted the old block and exploded it. Purge the block file and it should work.

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I didn't explode anything, I just used WBLOCK on an existing block so I can see there is an issue with it self referencing, just not why...


Anyway, since my original post I have got some more pressing work to get done. I'll let you know how I do with this once I return to it.

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Ok after a bit of playing around I fixed this problem.


So, when I WBLOCK'd my existing block it of course existed as a block in the new file I created. As Rob suggested, I think this is where the problem was. I opened it up, exploded it, changed all the objects to the same layer, then I purged it before finally saving it WITHOUT converting it to a block.


Now when I insert it, it automatically updates all the references instantly (for this to work the external file name has to have the same name as the block you want to update).


Thanks for your help Rob, you've saved me a heap of time :)

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