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Is there a way to use LAYOUTSELECT.dcl to DELETE blocks from certain layouts?


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I have used the GATTE2.lsp and am indebted to the person who posted it. It's wonderful. Now I humbly ask if there is a way to use the LAYOUTSELECT.DCL in order to completely delete blocks from certain layouts. I would LOVE to learn how to program and work with lisps, dcls, dlls, etc. but no time is allocated for this in my division. I rely on the kindness of strangers.


Thank you in advance for any help!

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You don't necessary need a dedicated AutoLISP tool in order to be able to gather all or certain block instances from a layout; just check the built-in FILTER command.

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Thanks for the posts.


I had never used the "FILTER" command before so it was not in my "toolbox". Thanks for the tip!


Also, I have bookmarked the AFRALISP website.


Thanks again!

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