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Dimensions on print not aligned with model/object. All is well on screen

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Working in AutoCAD 2010...

Recently I've started to notice that the dimensions on my print are not exactly aligned with the model/object. Only the dimensions seem to be shifted slightly in two directions (~1mm?). On screen, everything looks great.


Typically, I design 3d parts (model tab), then in the layout tab set up viewports (mview), and dimension in paper space...


Is there some paperspace offset I may have inadvertently invoked?

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Are you in UCS WORLD?

Are you using Associative dimensions?

Is your 3D model displaying in PERSPECTIVE, as opposed to Parallel?


PERSPECTIVE = 0 at the commandline?

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Thanks all - sorry for the slow reply, been out in the shop making chips fly...

Here is a quick part I'm modifying this morning - 2 images. The first is a screenshot of the plot preview, the second is a scan of the print (printer is a modern HP Officejet 7500A). I also tacked on a screenshot of the Plot Options Box.


Dadgad -

UCS World - Yes, I dimension everything in the layout tab; paperspace

Associative dimensions - DIMASSOC = 1 (I've never altered the default setting)

PERSPECTIVE = 0 (read only)

** PERSPECTIVE only valid in Model Space **


Screenshot prior to plotting:



Scanned print - notice the dimensions are offset down/left:


Plot Options:


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Actually, we were hoping for an actual DWG file not just the images. Much easier to troubleshoot a drawing than it is an image.

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