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AutoCAD .net inside block


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I´m trying to get all objects inside a block, but I cannot find the objects. Can you help me? I´m using the VB.NET and have the following rotine:



Each acSSObj As SelectedObject In acSSet

If Not IsDBNull(acSSObj) Then

Dim acEnt As Entity = acTrans.GetObject(acSSObj.ObjectId, OpenMode.ForRead)

If TypeOf acEnt Is BlockReference Then

Dim oBr As BlockReference = CType(acEnt, BlockReference)

''I need to list all vertex of Polyline inside the block!!!

End If

End If


Can you help me?

Thanks a lot


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There are a few ways of approaching this:


Retrieve the Block Table Record that the INSERT references, then iterate through that collection. The routine would have to account for all the Transforms applied to the INSERT to recreate the exact geometry.



Explode the Insert, then iterate through the remnants.


With both methods, it may be necessary to do that process recursively depend on the level of nesting.


The other option would be the use of Editor.GetNestedEntity. It requires more user interaction, but simplifies the geometry retrieval.

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Dear Seant


Thank you for your help. In realy, finaly I sove my problem. I got the block position and scale, then apply to the entity inside the block.

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