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Where are my smilies?

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Where are my smilies?


In order to get the most benefit from the forum, you should be using the enhanced editor. This has a formatting toolbar above the edit box, a selection of smilies to the right and the edit box itself is WYSIWYG. In other words, you will actually see the smilies and formatting in place rather than the BBCode. This means you can preview the post as you write it.


The enhanced editor looks like this:




If your editor does not look like this, it means that you're using the basic editor.*


Your editor settings can be changed in the User CP. To do this, click "User CP" on the vBulletin navigation bar. Then, click on the "Edit Options" link in the left-hand panel. Scroll down the page until you see "Message Editor Interface" in the "Miscelaneous Options" panel and set the value to "Enhanced Editor - Full WYSIWYG Editing" using the drop-down list. Finally, click the "Save Changes" button.




Next time you reply to a post or create a new thread, you will see the enhanced editor.


See this FAQ item for more information on the available editor modes.


You may wonder why vBulletin uses the basic editor as a default rather than the enhanced editor. The reason is that the enhanced editor may not be compatible with some older browsers and so to be safe, the basic one is used.


* Don't confuse the Quick Editor (shown on the "Show Thread" page) with the full editor on the "Reply to Post" and "Post New Thread" pages. The Quick Editor is always a basic editor.

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