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Suggestion: Restrict use of ellipsis in thread titles

Lee Mac

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When ellipsis (...) are used in the thread title of threads containing multiple pages, users will encounter the following 403 (Forbidden) error when attempting to view all but the first page:




To provide an example to illustrate this behaviour, try viewing the second page of the following thread:




To circumvent the error, users can remove the thread title from the URL; for example, by removing the highlighted section in the following URL, the second page may be viewed:


However, to prevent this issue from arising in the future and to reduce the work for the forum moderators, is there any way to implement a restriction on the use of ellipsis in thread titles for newly created threads?

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I clicked the link you posted - at this end it works just fine. I can't remember if I ever posted thread titles containing ellipsis, but if that causes errors to others, I will avoid doing that in the future.

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In user PROFILE under GENERAL SETTINGS one can elect to show 5, 10, 20, 30, or 40 posts per page.

This obviously wouldn't fix anything, but choosing 40 would ameliorate the problem somewhat.


I am just guessing, not sure, that the default might be 10 posts, based on the OP's statement

in that thread that he couldn't see the 11th post. :)


It certainly seems like it would be a simple data validation issue to fix, in the NEW THREAD title field, eh? :beer:

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This is a known issue with the current version of vBulletin software. The 3 dot ellipsis is perfectly OK in thread titles. The problem arises when the OP uses more than 3 dots (periods). 4 dots or more will result in the 403 Forbidden error.


The best solution for now is for OPs to use the ellipsis correctly (3 dots only) and for mods to correct any thread titles that are likely to cause this problem when they see them. For example, I've now corrected the thread title on the thread identified by Lee and it works just fine.


Longer term, we are moving away from vBulletin and this issue will cease to be a problem.

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