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Network Palettes nolonger work

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Ok guys n girls I can't find a reason for this problem and I haven't found any relavent postings. I inherited a poorly defined CAD network with messy directories so I created a cleaner setup (in my opinion).


Despite changing the path details in arg, lsp, etc. I'm having problems with preloaded custom palettes. I made sure the template location path is correct and the palettes load but all the tools report

Unable to execue tool, possible causes are:


- the tool is not registered correctly. Please check your installation

- the tool is from another application and is incompatible with the current application


Some but not all of the tools are loaded in a menu, when I select an identical tool from the menu it works but the palette version fails!


I am trying to support an older installation of AutoCAD 2010 on a PC that is too old to run the preferred 2012 version, I have installed a clean 2010 version to do some problem solving, something completely unrelated when I stumbled on this.


Suggestions very welcome.

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