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Copying Linework from Xref into base file - Unnecessary Rotation

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Hello all and thanks ahead of time for any guidance.


To simply put it, I am grabbing linework from a dwg and copying it from base point 0,0,0. in the drawing that I want to copy it into, I hit ctrl+v and type 0,0,0 to put it exactly where it needs to be.


For some reason, that I cannot figure out, the 0,0,0 point in the two drawings are different...so I have to zoom extents and hunt for it 10,000feet away in model space. But that is not the main problem because I can always find it and move it where it needs to be.


The main problem is that when I move the copied linework over the previous linework that needs updated, it has been rotated like 3 - 4 degrees. That, or my base file's linework has been rotated 3 - 4 degrees - which doesn;t make sense because my base files linework is made up of xref's!


All drawings are set to UCS World.


Is there a way to make the 0,0,0 points the same location in both my base file and all the xrefs? I can kind of tell that my base file is not completely vertical when the xref dwg is...is there a setting that my base file has for xref's that is rotating them 3 - 4 degrees?


Sorry if this is complicated...I am having this problem on several of my projects. I can explain more if I need to.

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