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Create dwg file using window service


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Hello everyone,


I have project requirement to create asp.net web application to collect input about drawing file(.dwg). After users enters information,they will apply their own project information for generation of dwg.


Meanwhile project have another component as window service which will use queue mechanism to gather all user projects and execute it one by one to create drawing file.


Web application will be hosted on server.


My question is: Can I use AutoCad 2012 License to achieve this for executing multiple request one by one ? Is it violation of any license terms for execution of multiple request?


Pl advise asap.


Many Thanks,



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There should be no problem in having a web interface create a data list and then fire up Autocad read the data make a dwg, save it and then via web do a FTP or email back of the dwg. (smarter person than me to make that work) You can leave Autocad running 24hrs a day and do a time check thing for processing or just a run script or lips on startup.


Providing you have a licensed copy of Autocad and are not breaching any Autocad license laws then it should not be a problem, the end user though should not have any access to your Autocad if thats what your trying to do, unless you want your network version to be always unavailabe because others are always using it.


This subject has been posted before a while ago, I think they adopted next day processing.


Just a question is there anything in the Autocad license that says you must have a human pressing the buttons ?

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