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Surface Model Mapping


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Right, I’m racking my brain here and I’m finally giving in and looking for assistance from the collective knowledge on the forum. I am having some mapping difficulties with regards to applying a jpeg as a material map onto a surface material. Below are the details.

I have a surface model which was generated from topographical information.

I have aerial photography of the area the topographical information is based on.

The photography covers approximately 1000m2 area.

The topography area in contained within this area, it is in the upper right hand corner of the square photo.

I have applied planar mapping to the surface

I resized the mapping area of the surface to suit the area that the photo covers (I created a boundary rectangle and adjusted the mapping size to suit).

I created a customer material using the jpeg photo

I applied it to the surface

The image scale is set to 1000

All other settings remain as default settings.

The mapping displays over my model, but its on the wrong location, i.e. information contained within the jpeg that is out with the topographical area is appearing on the model. When I turn off tiling the mapping disappears from my model completely. I have read a few tutorials today and went back to basics on a few trials by creating blocks and applying the material and scaling it that way. All behave as anticipated. Apart from this.

Any help that could be given would be great.

Thanks in advance


AutoCAD 2011

Windows XP Professional.

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