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what is the proper software fro drawing a pipeline layout and its deformation?


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I have a 2D pipeline layout. Nodes on the pipe are known by their X and Z coordinates. A FORTRAN written code calculated the nodes displacement in 2 direction of x and z.


I have to draw the nodes, connect them to each other to obtain pipeline layout and then draw the x and z deformations separately to show the deformed shape.


Input format is like

PN x y z

1 0 0 0

2 0 0 10

10 0 0 100

20 10 0 100

40 40 0 100


I though ACAD might be an easy tool to do this. I am trying to use MacLee's or Geobuilder's LISP routine to import the x and z coordinates into CAD.

MAcLee's routine doesn't recognize node numbers at the beginning. So I shifted into Geobuilder's rotine. Still I am trying to use but with no lock till now.


Do you know any easier method for drawing these simple stuff, coordinates and deformation? Is it possible easily in ACAD?

My other limitation is that ACAD is the only software I have in my hands.

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Hi khoshravan here i use caesar II ,its a stress analysis software its calculates the displacements and the stress in the pipe, it also exports the model in isometric view to a .dwg file but i dont know a software to plot the displacements in 2d layout.

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you could try to use excel to prepare the data to be exported to autocad by the lee mac program, using the comand text to columns:




after the process you can copy /paste the data to a text file or create a columns with ";" , merge with the other and save as a .csv file , then you can use lee macs program to import the data.



Sorry about my very bad english.



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