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Dynamic Blocks w. Attributes


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We made a slick little dynamic block for inserting doors in floor plans before we found the one that comes with AutoCAD. We now want to add attribute data requests to it but every time we do, our block loses its actions. Any ideas?

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it shouldn't do, I do that all the time.


How are you adding the attributes? I open the block using BEDIT and add the ATTDEFs there. Close the block and ATTSYNC it and all should be working.


One word of warning though, attributes don't get on with the visibility parameter.

2nd word of warning, if you want to be able to move the attribute with an action you must LOCK the attribute. Sounds wrong but is essential.

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Hey, thanks for that information.


We will give that a try. We, for sure, did not do it that way which may have been the problem.


I think you just helped us determine how we lost our dynamicosity.

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