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AMEP Piping Wyes adn Sanitary Tees

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Anyone else have the issue of Wyes and or Sanitary Tees (direction of flow fittings in general)inserting themselves oriented in the wrong direction?

I have dealt with this for years and have never mastered or been able to put my finger on the exact problem.

my pipe mains are sloped in the correct direction, flow direction is also correct...


I inevitably have to flip them, which is not a big deal except when using "no-hub" pipe and fittings (which I happen to use more than any other pipe source).

when you filp a no-hub the "bands" or connectors become "dis-connected", thus i always have to stop and fix..... very frusterating.....

PVC does not have this issue obviously due to not having the connector bands....


Anyone have a "magic" solution for this?



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When modeling your pluming line make sure to have your male to female or female to male orientation correct. It can be found on the property palette under routing options.

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