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Preparing a list of points on convex hull for triangulation


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I attach a drawing showing points from a corridor survey (which was given originally as an excel file which was converted to a lisp file with a simple manupulation). I wish to carry out triangulation of these points. The algorithm recommended by some uni students and professors is first to prepare the convex hull (the points on the periphery as I understand it)and then start with the shortest base. My problem is how to prepare the list of those points in the convex hull.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



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Lee Mac,

It does not seem to work properly. Try the list given earlier and generate the points using :

(mapcar '(lambda(thePoint) (command "_INSERT" pointblock (car ptlist) 1 1 0))


We have to define "pointBlock" seperately.


We get the drawing given in my first posting. We use the same list with the LM:ConvexHull function and you should get only thirteen points, which is not correct. Perhaps we have to adopt a devide and conqure approach.



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Lee Mac,

My aim is to do a triangulation using the method given in the following link:


using the method 2 which is step by step method, first getting the covexhull then selecting the shortest base.

My understanding of the convex hull is from above and the following Wikypedia site:


using a set of points on a polygon, and using a simple algorithm which I discovered independantly before looking at the algorithm for simple polygon.

I think you, too, have done something like that, how ever I attemted using all the points given in the drawing of my above posting with your code instead of giving only the points in the polygon.

So, my question is how to get the polygon first?.


Aloy Hett..

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I have searched the internet and found a routine given by Pedro Ferreira of Lisbao given below, it handles points given one at a time. I modified it to take on a list containing few points, but not a very large number as given in one of my previous posts. That modified version is also given below and works well with vectors and not lines as in the original version. When the vectors are changed to lines, they criscross and give error messages. Can anyone give a clue as to why this happens?.





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