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Building a text string using Attribute Values

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Hi guys,


I'm a new member as you can see, but i've been coming here for many years to find information about lisp. I've done a thread search and haven't located a solution to my issue. I am self taught, so there is only so far i can go without getting the experts involved.


My question (i think) is very similar to this thread http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?31762-Need-help-extracting-attribute-values-in-Lisp


What i need to do is:

1. Extract two attribute values (Tags are "DRGNO" "DRGREV") from an inserted block (Block name "DRG_SHEET.dwg").

2. Build a string in the Command Line using those 2 values.


It seems very simple, i just haven't fully wrapped my head around the list manipulation tools in AutoLISP.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Scott.

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I've found some verry usefull routines for attribute-reading and manipulating at Lee Macs website: http://www.lee-mac.com/attributefunctions.html


So the following code ist just a wrapper for one of those, hope it helps.


(defun c:DRG_SHEET
      (/ block blockname idx ss1 tag1str tag2str tag1 tag2 value)

 (command "_undo" "begin")        ; set undo-mark

 (setq blockname "DRG_SHEET")
 (setq tag1 "DRGREV")
 (setq tag2 "DRGNO")
 (setq SS1 nil)
 (setq idx 0)

 (command "._zoom" "_e")            ; zoom to extends, make sure ssget-X will work

 (setq SS1 (ssget "X" (list '(0 . "INSERT") (cons 2 blockname))))
                   ; select all blocks "DRG_SHEET"
 (princ "\nSelected blocks: ")
 (princ (itoa (sslength SS1)))        ; information only

 (if (= ss1 nil)
     (princ "\nNo blocks found, exiting.")
   )                    ; progn
 )                    ; if

 (repeat (sslength ss1)
   (princ "\nIndex: ")
   (princ idx)                ; debug only

   (setq block (vlax-ename->vla-object (ssname ss1 idx)))
                   ; get VLA-Objektname 
   (setq tag1str (LM:vl-GetAttributeValue block tag1))
   (setq tag2str (LM:vl-GetAttributeValue block tag2))
                   ; call Lee Mac's subroutine

   (setq value    (strcat    tag1str
           "here you may add something like <-> "
   )                    ; if you don't want a separator, delete "here...
                   ; concatenate both string
   (princ value)            ; print to console

   (setq idx (1+ idx))            ; set loop-index 1+
 )                    ; repeat
 (command "_undo" "end")        ; set undo-mark
 (princ)                ; force clean exit
)                    ; defun

;;; SUB-Routine
;;; http://www.lee-mac.com/attributefunctions.html
(defun LM:vl-GetAttributeValue (block tag)
 (setq tag (strcase tag))
     (lambda (attrib)
   (if (eq tag (strcase (vla-get-Tagstring attrib)))
     (vla-get-TextString attrib)
   (vlax-invoke block 'GetAttributes)
)                    ; end sub

(c:DRG_SHEET)                ; autorun



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