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Cut Sheet Metal with Sketch Geometry

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Hello everyone, I'm having some some issues with a sheet metal part I'm working on. Im very new to the inventor software, but can work thru most thing i come across.


Our issue: We are designing a chute to fit around an inclined conveyor inside of a tank. I have made the sheet metal part by lofting two sketches on separate planes. The issue I'm having now, is that I cant cut a section of the sheet metal for clearance of the conveyor. I seem to get an error every time i try it. I even tried to convert it back to a standard part and try to a do an extrusion of the part to get it to cut it out, no luck.


I will attach my part, I have the box in a sketch that needs to be removed from the sheet metal planes. If someone could please lead me in the right direction of what I need to do, and explain what I'm doing wrong, I would highly appreciate it.


Thanks everyone


Inventor 2010 Professional chute help.ipt

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Hi TenSecond408,

The way i did it:

First i have extruded your box as a surface to the chute.

Than i derived the part into a new part(chute cutted) as a surface.

Now it is possible to cut the box surface from the rest of the chute surface

Finally i thickened the chute surfaces to the right thickness (on my trial i made it 3 mm)

I also added a rip on one side of the chute to flat it out and..voila'.

(Remember to set the thickness of the sheet metal equal to the one you use on the thickening command otherwise inventor can not flatten the chute)


Hope this help you



chute cutted.ipt

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