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Creating a square/rectangular geometry on inclined surface


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This is a very old project and even with more knowledge in 3D, still unable to do it. I have a stool with incline legs using the LOFT command (Extrude with Path can also do it). Now I need to add a tranverse section. I wanted to have the tranverse section same dimension as the leg.


Given the inclination of the leg, it is impossible and futile to align ucs using 3 points or face because there is no 90 deg between the two edges. Furthermore given there is no extrude to face as in inventor, it is sound difficult to extrude between the "/" form and the "\" form of the two legs.


Can anybody help and advise me on this 3D problem? On geometry, is there a rule to adapt here with respect to section dimension?


Thanks and Regards,

3D Stool-Layout1.pdf


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....given there is no extrude to face as in inventor, ...Nicolas.


You could Slice in AutoCAD to get the correct length with angles on the cuts.

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