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Massprop for arrayed objects


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I have a simple 3D cuboid that I used rectangle array on, 2 rows of 5 elements each.

Anyways I then tried to use massprop on the 10 objects to get the combined volume.

But I get: "No solids or regions selected." whenever I select the arrayed objects.

To create the initial object I offset an existing objects square face using "Offset Edge". Then I arrayed the resulting offsetted square shape. I then "Extruded" the shapes by editing the source.

Anyone have any idea what the problem is, or how to reach a solution?

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I'm not sure how to check for that.

What I ended up with is a bunch of solid, cuboid objects.

I simply clicked on a square shape I created from offsetting another single cuboid's face, so I ended up with a 2D square which I simply used the Extrude tool to create a 3D shape.

Since I arrayed for the rest of the objects, the fact that associative properties exist makes it so the 10 objects are still grouped together as related. So that when I highlight one of them, I automatically highlight the rest of them as well.

I'm not sure if this is any more help for you to clear this issue up.

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