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Dynamic Block: Help


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Hello! I'm trying to make a dynamic block that:


- you can either see the lines that come from the projector or not (with a visibility parameter)


- you can choose between 3 different angles (it has a consult table where you can select one)


- you can adjust the end of the lines to another point without losing the chosen angle (now with an stretching parameter/action at the end of the lines)


I've done it with no problem with just one angle. The problem is when I choose another angle. Which solution do you think it's better for what I want to do?


Thank you very much!!!! :)



Dynamic block.dwg

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Are you needing to enter a specific distance between your aiming lines? If not then I would suggust changing those to point paramters, have them stretch the lines as you are doing now, but have your two rotate paramters also rotate the 2 point paramters (make sure you select you rotate paramters and point parameters and link actions).


I also noticed you specify you want to be ale to maintain the angle between your two aiming lines, now to me it doesnt appear to be doing that, but you have mentioned you have one visibility state working exactly was needed. Just want to confirm which one it is.

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Hi Mike! The visibility state shows (or hide) the two aiming lines. You say that the block is not maintaining the distance between the lines. It's true that the way I've got it is by drawing a line across the two lines and taking the edge point to the intersection. But it's also true that I have to be careful, because if I'm not it doesn't respect the angle. In fact, what I would love to get is that the block asks for an specific angle and then it respects it. Do you know if it's possible? If it is not, do you know a way in which, when stretching the lines, it doesn't lose its angle?


Thank you very much!!!! :thumbsup:

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I aplogize for the delay, had to push a job out yesterday.


I would recommend using a polar distance paramter with the start point in the middle of your projector and the end point centered between your two aiming vectors, from here atach a polar stretch strething the 2 aiming vectors (when it asks you for rotating objects select none, or of you want you prjector to rotate when aiming select that.

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