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Bind part number, name, and multileader

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I recently started doing large bill of materials with AutoCAD and several times now I have had to do revisions that required me to add an item in a number group that required a number shift through the whole BOM. (I can not add it at the end of the list as it would not keep with the part type grouping) After this was done I would have to go through all the multileaders and redo them as the numbers shifted and they were no longer correct.


It would seem logical that there is some way to create a database of parts, names, and numbers. Then when you use a multileader it ties to that part name and number rather then a manual number entry. Then if I were to go back and change the part numbers that change would cascade to all the multileaders. While it would take longer to setup, it would be very worth it to have this flexibility, especially since our part list is relatively similar from job to job and would really only require a single setup.


Is there anything of this nature, or is this completely wishful thinking?


Thanks so much for any help.

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