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Paper Space dimensions are wrong

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I have been dimensioning my 3-D model in paper space, but my dimensions are wrong and I don't understand why. The height on this drawing attached was drawn as 3'-9" but everytime I try to dimension it in paper space it reads as 3'-3 1/4". And my width should be 2'-6" and it keeps reading as 1'-11 1/4". I have no idea where this came from, and I have double checked my work several times now, it was drawn correctly. And on top of all that, now that I have been messing with it, my dimension no longer changes to oblique the right way, I think I may have changed a setting along the way and made things worse. EEK! Can anyone see where I went wrong?


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Unfortunately, AutoCAD dimensions use only the XY coordinates of the pickpoints, Z is not factored, so while the actual 3D distance may be 2'-6", in your current view the distance in the XY plane is only 1'-11 1/4" Basically, you can not dimension 3D objects in Paperspace unless you create separate dimstyles for each plane that needs to be dimensioned, and apply a measurement scale factor (DIMLFAC) to account for the foreshortening.

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