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Help With LT05 Macro Autonumber and OS Near


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I have this macro (from Somewhere) to increment numbers on each click. I would like it to set to object snap Near before i click so it will just snap the number to the nearest thing i click.




Also is there anyway to change this so the text is rotated 90deg? As a separate macro.


Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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Would this help for the near osnap:-



For the 90 deg option;-



The version I have justifies the text to the middle;-



To reset the Autonumber starting number back to 1 -


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thanks the osnap and 90deg codes work a treat but the justifications does not work maybe because i'm on LT 2005 as that's what they use here at work. But that's OK because i don't think i need it anyway. I cannot find any good documentation on the commands and how to compile this code so even though I knew the commands I didnt know where to put them and what to put before and after. Can you recommend a good page or 2 as i would like to learn this? Thanks

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Well, if you want a separate macro that rotates 90 degrees here's a fairly simple one.


Just like the standard rotate command only a couple steps shorter. This will only rotate it upwards though so if you want to have the text face the other way then use this:


Macros are pretty limited on AutoCAD so I can't think of a simple way to make it rotate either 90 or 270 with only one command. I'll try and think of something.

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This is all I could think of for the rotating macro you wanted and it's probably the best that can be done with a macro to rotate both 90 and 270 degrees in one command.

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