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Map 2013,calling vla-GetInterfaceObject to Visual Basic 6.0 dll on Windows7 64 bits


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I have a Visual Basic compiled ActiveX dll, (call marVbUtils.dll, with a lot of map utilites) written in Visual Basic 6.0. It works fine in XP with Map 2009

There, I connect with the ActiveX dll from visual lisp, like this:

(vla-GetInterfaceObject (vlax-get-acad-object) ""marVBasic.marVbUtils")

and get the com object with no problem (in XP).


Now, I am migrating to Map 2013 64bits (in Windows 7 64bits)

I managed to install Visual Basic 6.0 on the Windows 7 64 bits, and nicely compile the same dll (changing some references to the new Autocad Map)

Then I register the dll with system32/regsvr32, for the 64 bits, AND also with syswow64/regsvr32 for the 32bit implementation.


But... when trying to get the interface from lisp, as in

(vla-GetInterfaceObject (vlax-get-acad-object) ""marVBasic.marVbUtils")

it returns:

"Automation Error. Problem in loading application"


(I have a lot of work done in Visual Basic 6.0 since map 2001, and migrating it means a big big time consumming issue, like months..., or ...forever)


I am afraid of guessing that it is not possible at all to run in 2013 64bits, a dll compiled in Visual Basic 6.0. But before i commit suicide i want to take a last chance to save my life in this forum.


If anyone knows how to migrate a Visual Basic 6.0 dll to use in Windows 7 64bits with Autocad Map 2013 64 bits, please let me know before its too late.


Thanks anyway!


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