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Getting Coordinates of a polyline with a constant X step


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Hello everyone,


in order to obtain a seabed profile for a school project, I need to get the Y coordinate of a polyline on several Kilometers with a fxed X step of 2m between each point.


For the moment, the only manual solution I have found is to create a vertical line every 2m and to get the distance between the intersection of this line with my polyline and an horizontal line representing the mean sea level.


Is there any way to automatize it because it is very long to do manually and I don't have enough time ?


I did not succeed in doing this with dataExtraction. I also found on the internet a LISP file which extract the coordinates of points contained in the window. Nevertheless, I was told it is not possible to create automatically points on a curved polyline with a fixed x step.


What I need at the end is an excel file of this type to use it in another software:


X(m) Water Depth (m)

0 15.121

2 15.134

4 15.147

... ...


I precise I am a beginner in autocad, I have started today.


Have you got any idea to solve this problem ?


Thank you in advance

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As your problem and needs are unique, it would help if you could attach a drawing to show what you are trying to achieve.


And when you say a fixed X step on a curved polyline, do you mean a fixed horizontal interval rather than a fixed length along the polyline?


We need to know what you are after, before the brains can grind into action :unsure:

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Concerning the length, yes that is exactly what I meant, thank you to reformulate it in a better way. My expression in english is not crystal clear yet ^^.


About the drawings, as It is a school project in partnership with my teacher's laboratory, I am not sur I am allowed to attach the whole file.

I have attached a snapshot of a small part of the line.



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What I need exactly is the distance between the bottom yellow curved polyline representing the seabed and the blue straight line representing the sea level with a fixed horizontal interval of 2m. But if I get the Y coordinate it is okay, I will just need to minus it with a constant value after.


Thank you

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I think I have finally found a way to do it :

First, I create a vertical line every 2m then I found a lsp to automatically create points at intersection between objects.


Finally I found another lsp which extract the point coordinates of a drawing in a txt file.


Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for your help.

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There is absolutely no inconvenience. and congratulations on finding a way to do what you wanted.


There are plenty of tools available, and finding them is all part of learning. :D

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