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Looking for help with Loft cut


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I have an unusual difficulty to ask help with.

I've got a tube which is connected to another tube at an angle and I have to show the tube cut to fit. The ellipse is the shape that I need to extrude straight and then along the shown curve. I tried at first creating a loft (thinking I could build them together and break afterwards. However the loft didn't work. So I tried creating it as a surface, but the lofted surface wouldn't work either. Does anyone know why lofting is acting strangely? :unsure:

btw -this is SW2011



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....Does anyone know why lofting is acting strangely?


I did not see a Loft feature in your part, so I don't know what you thought was "strange", but I suspect it was logical solution based on the input.

Attach the file here with your loft attempt.


I couldn't figure out the purpose of your 3D sketch and there appeared to be extraneous geometry in your Sketch5?



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Thanks Mather;

I feel silly when using the wrong terminology. I was attempting a sweep not a loft. (it's my impression that a loft would be more work, i.e. adding at least two more sketches)

I get an error when I try to use the ellipse as the profile and the line as the base. (the image you show is my goal except as a subtraction)

I also tried a swept surface without success as well.



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First of all - everything except for the ellipse in Sketch5 should be Construction linetype (you have a little piece of garbage in there as well).

Second, you must have Select Open Loop selected to get your Path for the Sweep. (and then hit the green check mark to accept)


Open Loop.png

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