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Raised floor feature MEP 2014

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I am currently reviewing the trial version AutoCAD MEP 2014 and revit MEP as part of the Building Design Suite, but seem to find a feature for adding raised floors.



The company I work for designs computer rooms and data centres and all of our projects have say a 500mm high computer floor over the main slab, with our services running within the floor void.

There is an excellent ceiling grid feature, and I suppose I could try and use this as a work around for the floor, unless of course I have completely missed the floor feature ?? The AutoCAD retailer said I was the first person to ask for a raised floor when I queried them.



I am also a bit sceptical as to whether it is possible to produce full working 2D dimensioned drawings from Revit, or weather its better to produce some nice 3D renderings in Revit and then export them to AutoCAD for the working drawings.



Thanks for any help


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