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Datalink table insertion with TBL.LSP crashes second time


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Hi all,


I'm using a datalink table insertion utility tbl.lsp from Juan Villareal. It allows me to insert the table for the first time in the drawing without any issues. But when I want to insert the table (different table though) for the second time in the same drawing, AutoCAD crashes giving me unhandled exception error.


Few questions related to this,

1) Can the tbl.lsp be fixed (if there is any error)

2) Is there a better known utility that I should be using instead of tbl.lsp (with all due respect to J.Villareal for his great lisp)


Please suggest.


Thanks all


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Why is the use of the lisp routine required? You are running AutoCAD 2008. Isn't that the first release to have the Table > DataLink feature included? It seems like you are trying to duplicate a feature that has already been incorporated. Could you elaborate?

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Hi ReMark,


Thanks for your suggestion. I see the datalink works perfectly fine. I'm trying to use with my another lisp where it generates the XY table in Excel and just trying to bring back the same with datalink table. I tried few lisp routines (one from Jeffery Sanders and another from J. Villareal). It works but I'm looking for some more options to choose from.


After a bit of thought I think I really do not need the link to be intact once imported back to AutoCAD as I do not need to update anything back and forth.


Now my question is, how do you add it to the lisp routine so that it would just ask me for the Excel file name and just pops in a table? Is this possible thru lisp just like I was using TBL.LSP for that reason?

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