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hertz hound

Property sets, AEC spaces and tags

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hertz hound

I was looking to make a one size fits all conduit elevation tag that would work with different elevations in the floor height if that comes up again. I also wanted it to give the distance to the deck above. That measurement is a little easier to work with in the field. I wanted to save it in a content file for a tool pallet tool and also in a template file.


I came close, but I may have come to the conclusion that it won't work, because once the conduit is tagged, the whole run takes on the property set info of the space it was tagged. So if it is tagged again on the other side of a wall with a different floor height it still reads the old height? Even if the conduit has fittings in it before it goes into the other space, the whole run has the properties attached. Is there another way around this?


Here is a link to a simple drawing with what I have done.


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