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Save error in the Incoming Friends Request page.

Dana W

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I have received a random friend request from a member with no posts, and no information in their profile.


Of course, I went in there to reject the friend request. However, the save button does not seem to be functioning. I can't get rid of the request.


Has anyone else experienced any part of this sort of thing?

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You may also have to change your avatar. Can you add a mortarboard? Class of 2014.
Rather a Miss America banner, a sparkling torch, and a tiara.:lol: After all, I am a female canine.;)
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For a female canine, I'd recommend hugs and cuddles.


That goes for all canines actually.

Hey!! The dog is not really me, OK?:lol: I was gonna use my own adult human male face, but I scared myself with it.
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