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How to fix Block thumbnail preview in dialog box of a custom program


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I have made updates to an old library block (file) and saved my changes. We have a custom menu, custom program and dialog box shows all different blocks to choose from and I frequently use it. The inserted block shows updates correctly but wont change the thumbnail preview inside the dialog box.


Its not an attribute block or a dynamic block.


Is there anyway to resolve the preview issue?

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How are those thumbnails loaded into the dialog box?

If they are loaded using a slide library file (.slb) or slide image (.sld) then you have to recreate those files!

Its been ages! since i used that once.

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Thanks meracl for your response.


I think they are .slb files.


But I do not know how to regenerate them. Any suggestions? Also, how do I know which file to update? Is there any code associated inside the DCL?

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A SLB file is a library made from slide files. There is a utility to create those files named slidelib.exe shipped with AutoCAD; just call it on command prompt to see its usage instructions.

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SLB files or file?

Do you have the slide images of all blocks (many *.SLD files)?? or just a slide library file (.SLB)???



Performing a quick search on autocad help:

Slide images (SLD) files are generated using MSLIDE command from inside autocad.

(be sure to zoom into the block as you want it to be shown on that slide).

Slide library file is created using slidelib.exe and a .txt file on a DOS prompt!



If you are lucky and have the individual slide images (SLD files) you only need to recreate those.

In the other case i'm not sure if a script or lsp exists to speed that process.



Displays an AutoCAD slide in the currently active dialog box image tile

(slide_image x1 y1 width height sldname)



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Actually both files (.SLD & .SLB) were there. I found out only after investigating in the MNU file (from where this was coming). I was able to create a single .sld file for the block needing updates and then add into the .SLB file using Slidelib.exe. Then it appeared correctly in the Dialogue box.


Thank you meracl & MSasu.


Appriciate it.

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