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I used to visit the AutoDesk web site for past four years about twice per week. Only left comments maybe once every two or three months.


Now cannot even log in. Tried and tried, and used their methods as to recovery. Nothing worked. I gave up about one-two weeks ago. Guess it is now designed for only those with an interest in to modern systems and problems.


Us old folks can not learn as fast. Thus when we figure out how to use the various hidden features, they have already obsoleted the version and gone onto something new. I am still into the arena of basic lines, arcs, text and circles.




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Which AutoDesk website are you referring to? I had a month's worth of problems trying to access the Discussion Groups and the Subscription Center. As it turned out, when these sites were redesigned, the parameters for User ID and Password were changed. My password was no longer valid because it exceeded the max password length.


Are you getting any error messages when you try to log on? If so, what is the exact wording of the message?


Unfortunately I am responding from home today but upon my return to work I can look through some of my messages and perhaps find a phone number for you to call if you already don't have one.

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Most often when logging in to the Autodesk web-site over past two weeks now, I get some sort of "Invalid" password or log-in notification. One of the names is not in their database. Even with new appearance and format I was able to go someplace until recently. Thus can go no further.


Could be as you have noted a too long log-in name. The short one chosen years ago was rejected for being "too short" so had to choose and adapt one with nearly 15 characters. Maybe they changed something again.


I do not have or use one of those permanent log-in selections.




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You need to get in touch with someone at the AutoDesk Business Center and inform them you are experiencing problems logging in. Although the auto-response system sends an email stating someone will look into the problem and contact you within 24 hours it may take as long as 48 hours.


If you do talk to someone, or receive a personal reply from one of their techs, mention the "password" as the most likely source of the problem.


There is one other thing you can try, there is an option when trying to log on to have AutoDesk email you a new temporary User ID and/or a new Password. Have you tried to requesting either or both?


You did not specify what particular site you are attempting to gain access to. Which one is it?

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On Sunday mornings, I used to read and/or post on/in Autodesk's discussion groups.


There were many posts with links to porn sites.

I always reported the posts, we don't need the "junque."


Autodesk revamped the discussion groups, was a pain trying to get user name/password changed. I PM the sysop (sorry, the old name sticks). Finally, back on track.


Guess Autodesk is a bit slow at addressing problems. :oops:

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