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Making Hoverbuses resemble PAT buses of my home city - help?

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Still working on this movie I've started about 6 months ago or so. So far I've d/l these hoverbuses




and now I'd like to make them look like the port authority buses of my home town before I try to animate them and make them fly thru the alien cities I already d/l today.


Here's one way the city buses of my hometown are designed


How do I do this?


Thanks in advance.

pat bus body design.JPG

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The most effective way I think would be to familiarise yourself with this workflow: http://www.neilblevins.com/cg_education/blended_cube_projection/blended_cube_projection.htm



but... if you are using mental ray, rather than using the Camera Map Gemini method as shown in the tutorial, use the dropdown in the script to select 'UVW mapping' method.



It's the same but uses planar UVW maps instead of camera projections. It's not easy first time but well worth the effort.

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