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Selection Within a Block

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I need a way to select everything but the centerlines within a block. They extend beyond the part which I hope to find the actual envelope dimensions of. I will then iterate through the remaining parts to find the max/envelope dimensions.


The issue is this block is in a document with many other objects (blocks, lines, points, etc.) so exploding is not ideal as it would be a pain to recollect the parts. Also opening a seperate file is too time consuming, this must be done within the file at hand.


Is this even possible?




Oh! A little drilling, and you can easily and directly access a block within a document, then iterate through them as I mentioned above. No inception-style selection sets needed! Nice.

Looks very roughly like this:


Dim blkTestBlock As AcadBlock

Set blkTestBlock = AutoCAD.Application.ActiveDocument.Blocks("ACT1")

For Each ACADEntity in blkTestBlock

If linetype="Continuous" then


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