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Adding Lines in AutoCad


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Hello friendly CadTutor people,


I am quite the novice with Autocad and do not know how to approach this problem.


I have 2 different lines defined with x and y coordinates.


I want a third line that uses the common x coordinate and a y coordinate that is the sum of the two coordinates.


If this is possible, can i define which mathematical function i use so that i can add/subtract or even use a formula to define?


Thanks very much for your time :)


Further Notes:


The example above is very simple. I have 2 complex curves that go into positive and negative values of y (speaking from a mathematical perspective). I need an easy way to intersect the complex curves at a specified interval and add them at each of those intervals.


For example i may a sine function going inbetween pi and -pi over a distance equal to 2. I then need to split the curves in intervals of 0.1 and add them together.


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