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2D Plan and Elevation to simple 3d model? Revit perhaps?


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Hi there,


I have a 2d plan and several elevations/sections and was wondering if it was possible to do a quick mock up of what it would look like in 3d?


Load drawings and just extrude somehow, or even import them in to revit?


Im pretty new at all of this so hopefully there is a simple method?


Thanks for your help.

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I suppose that would depend on what you have. Is it a plan and elevations for a house?


Do you have access to REVIT?


We have access to the full autodesk suite yes.


It's plans, elevations and sections for a multi-storey retail/residential building

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IMHO SketchUp would be a good solution for this. You said you only need a quick mock up and this is a good tool for this.


This is what I do with a plan and elevations...


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Sorry been busy this weekend. The problem is that the current version of Sketchup does not allow dwg import but we can get around this. Download and install both the 2013 version as well as version 8. Use the 2013 version to bring in your plan and elevation dwgs. As soon as you have these in save the file as a version 8 copy then use version 8 to model you design. You only have 8 hours in the demo mode to import dwg files so use the 2013 version for this as it will not take but a minute. Then make your model in version 8. I'll try to get a picture up of how to set up your views to model.

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