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Customised Layer Mapping tool


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What is the solution if I want to convert all entities on

Layer Pen35 (Colour=ByLayer) to Layer Base (Colour=Yellow)?


Both Laytrans and LayMrg (and even this) won't allow me to pick target layer's colour.


I need to apply several of such layer mappings e.g.

- Pen25 --> Base (White)

- Pen35 --> Base (Yellow)

- Pen50 --> Base (Red)



Additionally, I can't use Quick Select because of numerous nested blocks in the drawing. Above question would be addressed if I could select objects in nested blocks with Quick Select.

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Just in case if anyone else had a same situation, here is what I did:


There is LSP in ToolPac called Hardcode Color which basically assigns object colour from their layer colour (hardcode). All I did afterwards, was to put all my objects onto Base layer. :)


P.S: if anyone has a similar routine to assign hardcoded colours on objects (based on their layer colour), please let me know.

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What about using FILTER then Properties


Not a chance. As I said in my first post, there are several multi level nested blocks which caused the whole grief initially.

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Sadly, I am not following on following two parts:


... by object type conversion ...



change all block properties

Does Lee have a lsp for that?! :unsure:

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