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Hey all,


Fast internet search did'nt get me nowhere. So decided to register here to see if I can get some help. Its been long since I used autocad but looks now that im back to that world now.


I just wanted to know if you dimension your blocks in block editor? Personally I'm not sure what is better dimension them in block editor or just in your model space after inserting it. It feels better to dim then while making a block in block editor just so you see the them while you make a new block, but when inserting that block in drawing those dimension can be in your way, because you wanna use your drawings own ready made dim style&layer.


Hope I made my self clear.. first time here so don't shoot me down :glare:

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Personally i prefer to insert block in model space and dimensions it in paper space since the scale differs especially when doing not scale viewport in paper space .


Matter of choices but since i want text and dims all the same size i opt for model space only.



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ROBP: thanks for reply. I usually draw&insert all to model space 1:1 and then in paper space scale them throu viewports.


Dana W: thanks you too, that makes me think even more not to dim them in block editor. I was really curious about that one because i wasent sure..

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if you want dims within your block you could put them on a seperate layer (perhaps set to no plot). Then you can freeze/unfreeze that layer as you wish.

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