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Combine lsp routine


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I am using ACAD 2013. I am new to using lsp files. Is it possible to combine 3 lsp routines that I regularly run to prepare files for a different software program? Is it possible to use the combined lsp routine to batch process multiple files in a folder? Is it possible to modify the 1st code to open the new file automatically?


;changes layout to model space, appends filename, option to open new file 
(defun c:L2M ( / BASE LST OLD_DIA)
 (setq old_dia (getvar 'FILEDIA)
base (strcat (getvar 'DWGPREFIX) (vl-filename-base (getvar 'DWGNAME)))
 (setvar 'FILEDIA 1)
 (setq lst (layoutlist))
 (foreach l lst
   (command "_.ctab"
     (strcat base "-" l)
 (setvar 'FILEDIA old_dia)


;Sets linework to by layer, layers to color 7 white, detaches external references

(defun c:set7 ()
(setq uecho (getvar "cmdecho"))
(setvar "cmdecho" 0)
(command "setbylayer" "al" "" "n" "y")
(command "-layer" "c" "7" "*")
(command "-xref" "d" "*")
(setvar "cmdecho" uecho)


;Justify text
(defun c:BL (justify title / ss)
 (princ (strcat "\nSelect *Text to " title " justify: "))
 (if (setq ss (ssget "_:L" '((0 . "ATTDEF,MTEXT,TEXT"))))
   (command "_.justifytext" ss "" justify)
(defun c:JL (/) (_justifyIt "_ML" "Middle Left"))
(defun c:JC (/) (_justifyIt "_MC" "Middle Center"))
(defun c:JR (/) (_justifyIt "_MR" "Middle Right"))
(defun c:BL (/) (_justifyIt "_BL" "Bottom Left"))
(defun c:BC (/) (_justifyIt "_BC" "Bottom Center"))
(defun c:BR (/) (_justifyIt "_BR" "Bottom Right"))
(defun c:TL (/) (_justifyIt "_TL" "Top Left"))
(defun c:TC (/) (_justifyIt "_TC" "Top Center"))
(defun c:TR (/) (_justifyIt "_TR" "Top Right"))


I don't know who the code authors are to give credit.

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#1.-Please use code wrapper when posting code.

#2.- Since all your lisp functions are defined as "c:..." you can place them all in one lisp file to load all at once.

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Open New Text Document.txt and change extension from .txt to .lsp then

copy your lisps, past them in the New Text Document.lsp then close and save your lisp.

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Easy way is to use a script can open and close as many as you like and run multiple lisps in the process.


open dwg1
(load "lisp1")
(load "lisp2")
close y
open dwg2
(load "lisp1")
(load "lisp2")
close y
and so on

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