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beginner lisp help


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I'm not sure the correct wording of what I'm trying to do so google hasn't been too helpful. I have a command that invokes a dialog box with the option to "edit" an object, among other things. I'm looking to automate some things.


I want to run the command,

(Defun C:bbb () (command "BEAM")

Then select the option to edit, (don't know where to go here...)

Then choose "select previous" and confirm the selection.


If I could get that far I think I could get the rest regarding adding this to a double-click feature in the CUI.The ultimate goal of this for me is to double-click the "beam" and automatically open this dialog box in the edit mode and skip the steps of calling out the "BEAM" command, click edit and then select the beam.


I'm trying to learn how to call out options within a dialog box using lisps as most of the commands I use all day have a dialog box that is used after beginning the command and then options after that. Hopefully this is clear enough for someone to understand. If not, I'll try to supply more info that I can.



Nobull, i.e. "Noob"

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Click object "Beam" when prompted for selection "P" and a enter.


It may be possible using a reactor to double click a object others will advise bit worried though it may slow your Autocad down.


Ps ZZZ is bottom left faster than bbb

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Thanks for the response. Would you be able to explain how to select a button within a dialog box via lisp code? If I could learn how to interact with these pop-ups, I think I could actually start writing a little code. I'm starting to get a grasp of how to get selection sets and manipulate layers etc etc...


And regarding the "BBB", I'm hoping to eliminate the need to enter the command as all I want is to double-click the beam to edit it.


Thanks again,



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I guess it can be done as when you double click certain objects they do something, like double click a block attribute and it opens to edit values. Way out of my depth of how reactors work.

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