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Wants to select the same block having exactly same dimensions?


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I got a some type of network and wants to count the block having the exactly same dimensions. This is because to make their division with respect to length.

Example say there is total 27 number of blocks having the length 7 meter etc.



But I am facing the problems, when I select the blocks, all have been selected.



Find below the attached images of my method which I apply.

I just first used the explode command then select the block select similar object and move to somewhere else.



I need some help to solve this problem.



I have used the command like list and area but I believe its time consuming and hope there is a simpler method to do this job.

Block-Length-Issue (1).jpg

Block-Length-Issue (2).jpg

Block-Length-Issue (3).jpg

Block-Length-Issue (4).jpg

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First you generally do not want to go exploding blocks. Whoever has to use the drawing after you won't be happy.


If they are all the same block although appear differently then it means the individual block insertions have been scale factor has been changed in the x and/or y directions.


You can use quick select to select all blocks at a specified scale factor. See http://www.ellenfinkelstein.com/acadblog/use-quick-select-to-select-objects-in-your-autocad-drawing/


Turn on the properties pane and select a block to see what x and y scale factor it has.


E.g. select your blocks are you are doing and then use quick select to select all of them with a x scale of 7 etc (assuming the pit was drawn 1m long).


You could also use the filter command to filter by block name and scale factor(s).

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