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Hi AutoCAD members,


I have a very frustrating issue with placing my repeated pattern of holes. I want my holes to be equally spaced from one & another, but the XLINE can only start tracking from the 1st Circle.


ie: each circle have to be 0.25 mm apart from each other. Worked well for the 1st one, but the second one does not lock on the line anymore. Please tell me what function I need to enable to do this.


Refer to attachment for more info. Thank you very much in advance.


Can track from Circle 1 >>> Image1.jpg


But cannot track from Circle 2, why??? >>> Image2.jpg

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Why aren't you using the ARRAY command?


Oh wow! I did not know such function existed! Huh... What do I enter? I am stuck on multiple circle now, how do I govern the distance between each circle?


Do you have a link the to appropriate tutorial?


Screenshot 2014-05-06 21.08.09.jpg I tried entering my distance but it does not place the distance I want it to be.

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Look at your command line instead of the screen. Do you see the various options available? Ex. - COLumns and Rows?


For assistance try using the built-in help by pressing the F1 key.


Or view this CADTutor tutorial about the different Modify commands...http://www.cadtutor.net/tutorials/autocad/modifying-objects.php

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I agree with ReMark big time, check out the link which he posted for you, you will be

incredibly glad that you did. :|

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