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realistic texturing tut - help?

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I'm following a max tut that I saved as pdf and Im practicing with same type of model in the tut - a cup of coffee (in my case cup of tea)'


ok, here's my problem: I'm trying to add the jpg image to the cylinder (the liquid hot tea w/ milk added) so I can go to next step in this tut (uv map, etc)


even tho I know how add jpg's as background images (for that jail I started to make about a year ago) to the view port I don't know how to add them to subobjects (this cylinder/liquid hot tea object) - how do I do this?


see screenshots, (my practice model, part of tut I'm having difficulty with, & my jpg of hot tea)


thanks in advance

adding image to model subobject.jpg

practice - realistic bitmap textures.jpg

my jpg image hot tea.jpg

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If the coffee cup and cylinder are all one object, you will need to create material id's for each object and use a multi/sub-object material to apply different materials to each object.



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